I still love playing with "mud" after all these years...

I found pottery during COVID as my wife and I had watched everything we could find during the lock down when we stumbled upon The Great Pottery Throw Down on HBOMax. My wife and I power watched all 4 seasons and I was hooked! Once things started to open up again, I found a local studio that was accepting new students, this was February of 2021. I have been taking classes since then and have thoroughly enjoyed the entire time. Working with helpful, creative people is a great experience and working with my hands highly contrasts my day job in technology. This is my release and provides hours of stress-free time to unwind.

I have taken classes at Leaping Dog Art Studio for over a year and most recently began taking classes at Grounds for Sculpture. Additionally, I have attended several workshops with Perkins Center for the Arts and oter organizations. I feel that working with as many different potters as possible opens me up to new experiences and opportunities to improve.

For more information on my artwork or to collaborate, please contact me at info@paleodanspottery.com. I look forward to hearing from you!